The third direction of the mission is aimed at changing entrepreneurial thinking. Activities are focused on innovation in the field of business, improving the digital transformation of enterprises, mastering new skills needed for successful entrepreneurial activities.

We have made a modest contribution to the development of new entrepreneurial ideas, and in this direction is the activity Idea2product, which is designed to help individuals or small entrepreneurs who do not have so developed development, in their accelerated transformation from idea , through a prototype into a product for the market.

In this direction, we also intensively use Design thinking processes that are applicable to entrepreneurs in responding to changes in the market, designing new offers or products, all with the aim of creating products for the user.

We believe that local problems, problems in communities, problems in the environment, with individuals who have difficulties, can be an inspiration for innovation, and they can then become interesting to the wider market, today the global market.

See more about our activities and initiatives commensurate with entrepreneurship under Do local Go global.