Digital fabrication will change the character of work and the necessary skills, affect economic growth and development through innovation.

Every day we are faced with the impact that modern technologies have on our lives, work, leisure entertainment.

We at Fablab are aware of this impact and believe that our role is to point out the potential that lies primarily in the use of new digital production technologies as part of Industry 4.0, but also all related technologies, which we deal with in the association.

We believe that it is our duty to show all the potential related to education, entrepreneurship, but also free time or hobbies.

We are also aware of the possible social impact, which can deepen, but we also believe in reducing differences in society, due to the extraordinary impact. Therefore, members and associations are active participants in the process of drafting national and EU policies.

We implement our vision through a mission that focuses on four basic areas:

  1. Education
  2. Local community and the individual
  3. Entrepreneurial mindset
  4. Associations, local and state government