In the previous period, the Association carried out various activities within its missions, from various own events, participation in other events throughout Croatia and the EU. Furthermore, there are activities through national and especially international projects, which have enabled the acquisition of experience and skills, but also networking of various stakeholders. We are also the initiators, but we also support various initiatives launched by our partners. All this created a positive image and the association is recognized as an active stakeholder in modern trends of digital transformation of society.

All this has put us in a position to direct part of our activities in the direction of local governments, with the aim of spreading and transferring our experiences and philosophies to other areas. The special interest of the association is the challenge of the involvement of individuals and communities, because the skills we govern can not only contribute to betterment, but also increase differences among people. For this reason, the contribution to public policies has recently become one of the important directions of our mission and our duty.

This has been recognized by stakeholders nationally and internationally. For this reason, we are included in the SC6 reference group at the national level, and the dialog group at the European Commission DG Grow, with the aim of forming the contribution of creative and cultural industries in the context of the renewed European Industrial Policy Strategy.

  1. National Reference Group for Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies (SC6), from 2017
  2. EU DG Grow, Dialogue with creative industries, from 2019.

For more information on our policy activities and initiatives, see Digital Transformation and Public Policy Announcements.