The Design District Zagreb festival and the widespread project of the same name were created with the idea that communication combines all the existing creative initiatives concentrated in the city zone whose arteries are Martićeva Street. Although recently known for its numerous automotive-related shops, the neighborhood bordering on Šubićeva, Zvonimirova, Račkoga, Draškovićeva and Vlaška, its urban identity has spontaneously transformed in recent years, and today it experiences a flourishing thanks in this part of the city for a more active and ever more propitious creative community.

For the Design District, members of FabLaba have prepared a broad program of workshops, and all interested parties will be familiar with the basics of digital fabrication and discover the enjoyment of contemporary cultural makers using different tools and techniques.

16/6 Jump 2-3D 14:00 – 18:00
17/6 Analog Production 14:00 – 18:00
18/6 Digital Production 13:00 – 19:00
19/6 Idea2Product > Start Global Now 14:00 – 18:00

  • Workshop # 1: Analog production (duration: 4 h)
    The participants will work with the operators with familiar analogue devices and materials in a completely different way, and can choose between Styrocco (Styrofoam Workshop) and Thermoforming (using thermoforming in shaping the subject – it is a directed heat transfer with heat).
  • Workshop # 2: Digital Production (Duration: 6 h)
    After perfecting exotic analog techniques, the participants will get the opportunity to catch the tools with which many people talk, but they rarely worked with them – 2D laser and / or 3D printers! The first will use to prepare models for laser cutting and engraving, while the other will do the same, only three-dimensional, and on-the-spot to see what features are provided by state-of-the-art technology.
  • Workshop # 3: Jump 2-3D (duration: 4 h)
    Are you ready to finally make a two-dimensional jump with the help of digital software? Undoubtedly, leaders will show you the basics of work in the 3D space of your computer and how to create 3D models for digital production. This closes the circle of adoption of basic skills and knowledge of digital fabrication.
  • Workshop # 4: Idea2Product> Start Global Now (duration: 4 h)
    Finally, why do not you cash nice and useful? With the good idea and skill of making 3D models, start working today for the global market with the help of digital factories. Leaders are there to plunge you into the water, and as soon as you learn to swim you will no longer forget.

Location: Ratkajev prolaz (Detmers kontejner)
Partner: FabLab.HR
Coordinator: Roberto Vdović