Projects in FabLab are implemented internationally through the EU and other international projects, but also nationally, through projects implemented in Croatia. We are constantly working on international cooperation and applying for projects from various programs with partners across the EU.

EU projects:

  1. Make-IT, launched 1.1. 2016 closed 31.12.2017.
  2. FabLabNET, started 1.7.2016. closed 30/06/2019. under the direction of MUSE Trento.
  3. DOIT Europe, started 01/09/2017. in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, under the direction of the Salzburg Research Institute
  4. Centrinno, it will start on 1.9.2020. under the direction of FabLab Barcelona.

In addition to these international EU projects and other applications that have not received funding, the association is working on domestic projects mainly aiming to get closer and educated in the field of digital production, 3D printing. and other technologies:

  1. STEAM week started in 2017 and held in Zadar and Zagreb, 2018 and 2019.
  2. Fab City Zagreb, started in 2018.
  3. Maker Faire Zagreb, started in 2019.
  4. Makers Week Zadar, started in 2019 in cooperation with the City of Zadar and the association Robotik Zadar, and the Vulca program as a partner.
  5. STEAM Show started in 2019 in collaboration with and under the leadership of the Mehanotronik association

We are also working on several global initiatives with partner associations, The Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation, and the FabLabHR.NET network of creative spaces in Croatia, which are some of which we work with for the open use of modern technologies:

  1. Adriatic GreenLab, an initiative to contribute to the makers culture of sustainability of remote communities with a focus on islands.
  2. Together for the Environment, an initiative to support the Precious Plastic project in Croatia and to cooperate with all stakeholders in responsible environmental behavior.
  3. My Dream Machine Croatia, implementing My Dream Machine Global project at the Croatian level.

More about domestic and international projects, and especially about Make-IT, FabLabNet and DOIT projects on the pages of these projects.