Precious Plastic Croatia

Precious Plastic Croatia is national project started by FabLab with aim to support global Precious Plastic initiative by Dave Hakkens, Netherland and entrepreneurial oriented variation developed by Plasticpreneur, Austria. Project is working not only on plastic issue, but also on education and entrepreneurial mindset by bring together all levels of education in one system supporting each others and working together, pupils & students, teachers and parents on plastic issue in Croatia.

Technical mid schools are welcome to involve in project and produce Precious Plastic machines, where students with their teachers practice their technical skills, learning by doing, improving and develop variations of plastic recycling machines.

Those machines are given to be used by elementary schools, where pupils are invited to collect plastic in schools but also with help of their parents collect plastic at home and engage their communities with same idea. At schools, they produce new products with help of their teachers and parents who are interesting in this topic, working together. Products are sold as part of school’s cooperative.

Products are designed and developed by university students who are involved as third level of education. They will develop not only new products and designs but also molds and prepare necessary documentation, work on new business models, and project development.

Project is open to other local communities and organizations who are interested to use and work as part of this project. Specific focus are Adriatic where many islands have problem with plastic waste during winter season.

Individual are also welcome to join project with new ideas, improve current development, helping in implementation but also promoting and spread the word about this project.

For actual information please check Precious Plastic Croatia Facebook page.