STEAM Week is a national-level project aimed at professional development of teachers, primarily in primary schools, with the aim of getting them acquainted with new technologies, but also with new processes in education, with the aim of better and better transfer of knowledge and experience.

This event was started by FabLab in 2018, and until then we have only participated with other partners in similar events. In collaboration with Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, in November 2018, the first STEAM week and STEAM tram event were organized by the FabLab association.

At the end of March 2019, we also organized STEAM Week Zadar, in collaboration with the Petar Preradović Elementary School in Zadar.

From October 9-11th 2019, again at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, the new STEAM Zagreb Week will be held, as an introduction to the great festival of technology, innovation and creativity, the first featured Maker Faire Zagreb.

You can find more about current STEAM week events at STEAM Croatia page.