FabLab’s resources relate to the equipment, but primarily to the community of members and users of the association without which there would be no activity. On this site you can find information related to FabLab resources, especially the equipment available at FabLab.

It is of particular interest to our users for 3D printers, so we will share, among other things, information and our experiences related to the operation of 3D printers.

Our FabLab embarks on its journey with RepRap Prus i2, as a result of the RepRap project, Professor Adrian Bowyer, whose ideas and work we strongly support. Be sure to check out his PopTech 2007 presentation.

Based on the RepRap idea, but with the aim of creating the fastest and most accurate printer, the basics of Ultimaker 3D printers have been laid out in one FabLab in the Netherlands, with which we have established more intensive cooperation. However, through our work over the past years, we have supplemented equipment for a variety of needs, from 3D scanners, laser devices, CNC machines, SLA printers, plastic cutters, and you can find devices such as irons, sewing machines and other devices that are useful in the workshop. In addition to the above devices, there is a whole host of development electronics, bios and other sensors, virtual and augmented reality equipment, drones, 360 cameras, and the list is constantly updated with devices that can be of use to us in our daily work.