Maker Faire Zagreb

Maker Faire Zagreb is the most ambitious undertaking of FabLab. For the purposes of the event, a separate site has been opened in Croatian and English with all information regarding the organization of the featured Maker Faire Zagreb event. Social media pages are open for all the interesting things related to similar events, so we invite you to visit them.

The first featured Maker Faire Zagreb was organized on October 12-13, 2019 in the inspirational space for the culture of creation, the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb. Nearly 11,000 visitors attended this first event and saw about 200 makers from Croatia and the surrounding area.

After years of preparation and postponement, FabLab and its friends and partners started obtaining and licensed to host the first Maker Faire Zagreb event.

Official logo of the first featured
Maker Faire Zagreb event

We are glad that the City of Zagreb has recognized this event and has given us 20,000 kn to help in organizing this event.

City of Zagreb