FabLab association, the association for the promotion of digital fabrication, was registered as a non-profit, non-government civil association, on March 1st, 2013 in Zagreb, after more than a year of discussions of its three founders, Hrvoje Petrović, member, Saša Relić, member and Roberto Vdović, president. Fablab is the first of such associations in this part of Europe, and it is a part of the International FabLab Association, based on the  MIT FabLab Charter.

The goals of the association are to promote digital fabrication through education, scientific and artistic research and entrepreneurial development. It also seeks to encourage creativity and the creation of new ideas, through the involvement of local communities, their sustainable development, while protecting the environment and responsible resource management by fostering a circular economy.

The association has been registered to facilitate the following activities:

  • planning, promotion, events, and education in the field of digital fabrication
  • familiarizing the general public about the developments and application of digital fabrication in business
  • developing international cooperation, as well as the inclusion of different age and social groups into the activities, from young people, unemployed persons, to persons of reduced mobility, having their further education and training in mind, to facilitate their future employment or self-employment
  • publishing books and magazines related to the area of its activities
  • publishing digital publications, digital magazines, and pages to promote digital fabrication 
  • strengthening cooperation with similar Croatian and international associations

In addition to the above listed activities, the association has the following missions:

The first one is education, for everyone who needs and desires this kind of education, from the youngest ones, hopefully broadening their horizons, to the older ones, wishing to expand their knowledge. There are no age limits, and our activities are customized for different age groups. All activities related to education have a common title “Be Creative”, while those related to formal education institutions have a common title “Make at School”.

The second is related to the problems of the local community, and to those who can benefit from new technologies in their lives, from requests of people with special needs to business solutions addressing their needs. An important contribution of the members can help conduct the activities themselves,  in their engagement on the projects, as well as in the actual realization of the ideas into finished products. All activities related to problems of the local community are under a common title “Give-a-Hand”.

The third is the development of an entrepreneurial mindset or transforming ideas into products. Ideas are essential for modern society, but they need to be recognized. The role of FabLab is to help in the realization of those ideas of individuals or groups, and they provide added value through the exchange of experiences between members of different professions. All entrepreneurial activities are under one title “Act Locally, Think Globally”.

All undertakings of this association are public and we are open to everyone interested in this intriguing and dynamic field which is expected to have a greater impact than the Internet, and which might be a part of the new industrial revolution.

For additional information please send an e-mail to:  info@fablab.hr or call:  01/3755436.

In Zagreb, 1.7.2013.

FabLab Association, President
MSc Roberto Vdović, architect