Fab City Zagreb

Fab City Zagreb is a part of international network of Fab City_Global Initiative in which City of Zagreb and FabLab Zagreb are invited by FabLab Barcelona to work on Locally Productive Globally Connected city till 2054. FabLab started City of Zagreb participation in network of 28 cities at Fab City Summit in Parizu on July 12th, 2018.

It is an initiative that aims to steer cities towards a different philosophy of urban planning and management, based on achieving local production and global cohesion of self-sufficient cities, cities that by 2054 will produce all they need.

More information about actual activities you can find at Fab City Zagreb Facebook page.

Following Zagreb’s involvement, we are working intensively to spread this idea to other cities in Croatia. A prerequisite for Fab City is the existence of FabLab in the city, where we are also helping all over Croatia. The farthest we have come is Zadar, which is due to join in 2020, but there are also Vukovar, Slavonski Brod, Split, and more recently VaraĹždin, which show interest in creating Fablab in their city and joining the Fab City initiative.