Makers Week Zadar

We are extremely pleased that our activities have been recognized in other cities as well. After the organization of the new STEAM week in Zadar in March 2019, we were invited by the representative of the City of Zadar as the organizer of the KvartArt event to share our experiences as part of that.

In parallel, during the spring of 2019, at the fourth annual meeting of the Vulca program, we proposed that the next annual seminar be held in Croatia.

As the City of Zadar has shown interest, we have proposed that Zadar be the city where more than 100 makers from all over Europe will gather.

As we planned the new STEAM week Zadar, it was decided to connect several events in Makers Week Zadar, which will bring together a large number of experts in the field of innovation, education, sustainability, technology, creativity in Zadar.

Makers Week Zadar will be held from April 20 till 26, 2020 at several locations in Zadar, and will consist of the following events:

  1. STEAM Days, 20-22.04.2020.
  2. DOIT Training for Facilitators, 21.04.2020.
  3. Innovation in Education, 21-22.04.2020.
  4. Maker Faire Zadar, 23.04.2020.
  5. STEAM Show, 23-24.04.2020.
  6. Vulca Seminar, 23-26.04.2020.

Exact dates and locations will be confirmed later, and more about the event at Makers Week Zadar .