RCC Slavonika 5.1

With the Slavonika 5.1 project, the Slavonski Brod Technical School, in cooperation with partners, is establishing a Regional Competence Center (RCC) in the mechanical engineering sector to create an attractive, innovative and technologically advanced education and training system ready for the implementation of work-based learning. By establishing innovations in teaching, equipping and internationalization, 11 vocational schools in Slavonia will be strengthened to place experts from the mechanical engineering sector on the labor market.

The role of the association Fablab Zagreb in this project is primarily in terms of assistance within the project Slavonika 5.1 in establishing Fablab Slavonika as a center of creativity and encouraging innovation for the area of ​​5 counties of Slavonia. However, the establishment is only one step, and the organization of activities, especially the user community, is a significant activity through which Fablab will have the opportunity to connect stakeholders of the future FabLab Slavonika with individuals and organizations from Europe and the world with which Fablab Zagreb cooperates since its inception.

More about the RCK Slavonika 5.1 project on the project website.