STEAM Show is a national-level project with financial support from the Ministry of Science and Education aimed at popularizing science and new ways of learning in primary schools.

The aim of the project is to increase the possibilities of primary school students to improve their knowledge and develop skills and competences in the field of engineering and information and communication sciences through extracurricular activities. The project runs the plays “Egg Science” and workshops “Cryptography – Secret Codes and Letters” in five elementary schools, in five counties: Ivanec (VaraĹždin County), Pisarovina (Zagreb County), Pregrada (Krapina-Zadar County), Zadar (Zadar County) and Zagreb (City of Zagreb).

Performances and workshops are conducted by professional staff and associates who have experience working with children and young people, experience in the field of technical sciences and apply modern technology in their work. Technical culture popularization association Mehatronik is the project implementation partner, in partnership with FabLab, a digital fabrication promotion association. During the 2019/2020 school year. The project has received financial support from the Ministry of Science and Education.