21st Century Students, Erasmus+

21st Century Students is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is grounded on the premise that students of all abilities can improve their STEM skills through digital manufacturing and design, in response to Industry 4.0, and in order to create young people who are ready for a digital-driven world of work.

The project will foster the creativity and innovation skills of pupils through hands-on and technology-based digital manufacturing tools to drive STEM education in non-traditional ways.   It will promote teaching experiences that are aligned to the modern workplace, by creating similar environments through the use of technologies and tools that are endemic to Industry 4.0.

The project commenced in October 2020 and the consortium consists of 7 transnational partners with expertise in education and digital manufacturing.  The main outputs of the project are a learning academy, digital manufacturing learning lab, an implementation handbook and a teacher 4.0 training programme.

More information about 21st Century Students projects can be found on project webpage.